Sky ready to save you cash this summer

Bitterwallet - Sky logo If you’ve got a hefty Sky TV bill every month, you might be able to get it reduced over the summer months, as a Sky call centre insider has tipped us off about a new, top secret deal they’re prepared to offer you if you call up and plead poverty.

Our snoop says:

Sky are planning to introduce a new saver tool for the impending loss of Sports channels when the footy season finishes.

Basically, anyone who has the whole sodding lot of its content - i.e films and all the 6 mixes can keep it for free until the football season starts again. Anyone with all the sports and no films can save £15 p/m and if you only have half a sports or ESPN they'll try and offer you it for free.

Its supposed to be randomly generated but they know that everyone will ditch the Sports package for the World Cup. Best way to get it is to not directly ask for an offer but mention you've been a loyal customer, never missed a bill etc.

Sky sometimes go easy on customers who threaten to cancel their contract and go elsewhere, but it looks as though just threatening to downgrade could see you coming up trumps.


    "Sky call centre insider has tipped us off" Read: Sky are paying to get this bollocks put up.
  • Stevie
    I doubt they will give me any more discount I have all 6 mixes for £11.50 a month HD for nothing HD box for nothing Telephone Line for £5.50 a month Second HD box with + so £11.50 Sky+ HD 500 Gb £10.00 Multiroom with + 500 Gb £10.00 Unlimited Broadband £5.50 Phone Total £37
  • Screwed
    Well I pay Sky £70 a month (Sky HD, Movies, Sports, Multiroom) and I get shit all back from them.
  • Matt
    I hadn't read this story but i coincidentally phoned Sky this morning to cancel my sports package and they offered the package to me for £3 per month for the next 4 months instead of the usual £18!
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ SHITTER WALLET... Yes, because i'm certain Sky would pay to have BW advise people to ring up asking for a discount on their package.....
    I get everything for nowt, easy when you know how.
  • Alan
    I already phoned Sky on the 15th April to give the 30 days notice to downgrade my Sky Sports package, so that it ends on the 15th May. Will reactivate it probably around end of August, start of September maybe.
  • Rupert M.
    @Warwick Hunt - Care to share that information?
  • dunfyboy
    I guess he just streams the footy on the net. TBH, apart for the footy, there's very little worth watching that you can't get on freeview. Might cancel more than my sports package.
  • (jah) w.
    Or he might use a dodgybox on cable, or he maybe one of the very few people in the world who have managed to hack NDS - but that clearly isn't the case, as anyone intelligent enough to do that wouldn't be posting shit about it on a website.

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