Sky Now TV won't offer full HD

sky Sky are releasing a new version of their Now TV box, offering everyone the chance to get a monthly pass to Sky Sports channels for the first time. However, it will not be offering Full HD playback of Sky content.

The new hardware is capable of Full HD, but the Now TV streams are limited to 720p, and it looks like Sky have no plans to enhance the quality of the streams at the time being. So, if you're a nerd about these things and were looking at getting one of these boxes, you might want to think again.

The new Now TV box has an added ethernet port, which means you don't have to rely on a wireless connection, should yours be a bit ropey. Sky reckon the new device has a processor that's five time as fast as the one in its predecessor, which is nice.

And what's this about monthly sports TV? Well, Sky are introducing a new monthly Sports Pass to accompany the the daily (£6.99) and weekly (£10.99) passes that are currently on offer. A Sky Sports Month Pass will set you back £31.99 and you'll be able to get access to all of the broadcaster's sports channels, including Sky Sports F1.

The main difference with this, and the normal subscription, is that the Sky Now passes don't require you to sign-up for a long-term commitment.

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