Sky close down Acetrax, sending everyone to illegally download instead

acetrax_screen Next month, Sky will shut down the Acetrax site, which streams films and downloads. So, if you've downloaded any of their DRM-encrypted movies for cash, tough. You've wasted your money and you might as well download things illegally from torrents to stop this from happening again.

There is a way around the Acetrax problem without breaking the law... and it is a proper faff.

You must download all of your purchased video again, then watch it all "for at least five minutes" so you can get fresh DRM settings. And that's according to the company themselves.

Acetrax will vanish on 21st June, so PC users can download their films. However, Mac will have to go whistle as they're not being catered for at all. Re-downloaded films will be tied solely to the machine on which they're first played too, which is yet another glaring problem with DRM.

“You may only retain a copy of the content on the personal computer on which you make the original download. Resetting the factory settings on your PC will also result in removal of the license which can then not be retrieved,” the company warned.


  • tin
    Just torrent it, get caught, go to court, and show the invoices that show you bought the stuff you just "illegally" downloaded. Would love to see any Judge decide that you were in the wrong. Oh and Sky are utter twats. As usual.
  • Grammar N.
    Well, you might not morally be in the wrong but you would still legally be in the wrong so the judge would probably decide on that basis.
  • Yubbs B.
    @ tin The illegal act of sharing the file is the issue not just the downloading. A judge wouldn't give a fuck if you bought it previously.
  • badger
    I've never even heard of Acetrax.
  • Asshats
    Like our learned friend above I was of the belief that once you'd bought something you were then entitled to it in whichever format you so please? Video's to DVD, cd's to mp3 etc etc... What's the difference if you have proof of purchase?
  • duck
    Another reason not to use these download services. Much prefer real tangible goods that can be sold on when my penis gets bored of them.
  • Northern M.
    Asshats, The downloading of the movie is not the bit they prosecute over, it's the sharing of it whilst it downloads that they go for.
  • Kevin
    'Like our learned friend above I was of the belief that once you’d bought something you were then entitled to it in whichever format you so please? ' And therin lies the problem. People's expectations against what is true. You could say the same thing about BBC programmes for instance. Already paid for it after all.
  • Mustapha S.
    Torrents? Is this 2002? Much better, easier and safer ways of doing it.
  • LL J.
    @Northern Monkey They don't prosecute for sharing either.

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