Sky are putting their prices up

sky Hey Sky customers! You're going to be paying more for your services, as the company are sticking their prices up on June 1st 2016.

You should be getting some correspondence from them this week, telling you that you that prices are going up. If you're a new customer, you'll be paying less than existing customers on the Original bundle. The latter could be paying £270 per year, while new customers will be paying £20 a month, which works out at £240 a year.

Sadly, this isn't like a mobile or broadband company, where you can leave penalty-free if you leave your contract early should your provider stick prices up. This is a TV service and, basically, you have to suck it up. Of course, you can call them up, say that you want to leave and are looking at a rival's offer, and see what they're prepared to do to retain you (there are good deals to be had if you're willing to haggle).

A Sky spokesperson said: "We are always investing to keep Sky the best value entertainment choice for customers. This year we’ll bring customers even more unmissable original British drama, as well as the best US shows from HBO and Showtime."

Here's the price increases

Original bundle: New monthly price: £22.50 (new customers get £20 deal)

Variety: New monthly price: £32

Family: New monthly price: £38

Sky Q: New monthly price: £44

Sky Q Silver: New monthly price: £56

Other Services

Movies: New monthly price: £18

Sports: New monthly price: £27.50

Sports and Movies together: New monthly price of £36

Sports HD Pack: New monthly price: £6

Multiscreen: New monthly price: £12


  • James B.
    What mobile contract allows you to leave penalty free?
  • Mike
    One that's putting up prices. Always read the label.

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