Sky are having a bumper time of it

sky No wonder Sky are throwing their money around, looking at getting into the mobile market - they've had their fastest customer growth since 2005.

So what's been the cause of this upsurge? Well, the company themselves say it is thanks to their 'pay-light' TV services which saw 204,000 new customers joining them in the three months to December, a lot of whom are on the streaming service Now TV.

Sky's Jeremy Darroch said the company’s approach to "segmenting the market with the complementary Sky and Now TV brands is working". They also noticed healthy growth in Italy and Germany too, with the latter seeing their customer base grow by 214,000 in the quarter.


One of the things that are working in Sky's favour is a huge reduction in 'churn', or plainly speaking, the percentage of customers who have cancelled their Sky subscriptions.

However, this is no time for Sky to rest easy and get complacent, because they're still facing a big challenge from the likes of Amazon Prime, BT Sport and Netflix, who are all between them, looking at chipping away at Sky subscription dominance.

Either way, Sky’s shares went up by 2% in their early trading, to 962p which is the highest they've had it for well over a decade.

Sky also added 106,000 broadband customers, which is slightly behind BT's 119,000. For a little bit of tension, both companies are going to be going toe-to-toe on Friday, when the auction for Premier League rights kicks-off.

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