SeeSaw trial is set to launch tomorrow

Remember Project Kangaroo? No, it wasn't a catwalk full of marsupials in high heels. I'm talking about the online TV player which had all the British channels on it?

Well, the original project was nixed and reborn as SeeSaw.

Kangaroo was blocked by the Competition Commission in 2009 and, as such, the technology platform was put up for sale. Orange went in with a big bid but chickened out leaving Arqiva stumping up £8 million for it.

After a long(ish) wait, the on-demand TV service will launch in full at the end of February, following a month's beta trial starting tomorrow (26th January).

The video-on-demand (VoD) service will include content BBC Worldwide, Channel 4 and ITV. Programmes already pencilled in are That Mitchell & Webb Look, Doctor Who and Lark Rise to Candleford. All on the Beeb then thus far.

Basically, SeeSaw will be bringing the best of British content free to users, supported by pre-roll and mid-roll advertising. There will be international and US programming also, but you'll have to pay for that.

Whether this will work or not is another matter. With BBC iPlayer, ITVPlayer and 4oD already existing, it almost seems pointless to make a new platform. However, while iPlayer has been a rousing success, the other channels have been blighted by glitches in the system and general unreliability. Essentially, the BBC have opened up their technology for the others to use, which could mean an improved service for us.

We'll have to see how it shapes up as it's currently invite only.



  • dunfyboy
    Orange went in with a big what? I use iPlayer and 4OD, both seem to work fine. Never tried ITVplayer as I never watch ITV unless there's footy on (rare) or a TV Burp that's not a "Best Of" (rarer). Don't really see the need for yet another service, especially when you can watch live Freeview without a telly at
  • jones
    bid not big
  • Mark M.
    erm.... it's iplayer, 4od and demand five rolled into one right now.... it's a bit meh!

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