Prices announced for London 2012 Olympics... just make sure you have a Visa

15 October 2010

55557326Today, the organisers of the London 2012 Olympics have told us just how much it will cost us to watch the events of the games.

The most expensive ticket is a wallet watering £2,012 (for the opening ceremony) and the cheapest for the same show will be £20.12 (you may as well watch it on television).

The London 2012 chairman, Lord Coe, has chirruped that the committee have made an effort to make the tickets "affordable and accessible to as many people as possible".

The number of tickets for the 26 Olympic sports has increased from 8m to 8.8m, London 2012 also confirmed. Of that number, around 75% will be available to the public, which you can snap up in March. Presumably, the remaining quarter is to be fought between the prawn sandwich brigade.

Not everyone is best pleased with the news.

Chris Roberts, the leader of Greenwich council, told The Guardian: "Olympic organisers have had five years to plan a ticket allocation which would permit the children of the host boroughs to attend the Games taking place on their own doorsteps.

"Instead, seven out of eight schoolchildren will be denied that chance. It's like someone pitching up to have a party in your backyard and being told our kids can't go."

That said, around 1.3m tickets will be provided under a promotion for young and old spectators. Anyone 16 or under at the start of the Games (27th July 2012) will pay their age in pounds. If they are 60 or older by the same date, they pay a flat £16. It would have been funnier if they applied the age = pounds rule to pensioners though.

Organisers want full stadiums for the Olympics, which means that tickets for sports that no-one watches will be cheap. On the flip side of that, popular sports will be more expensive. Tickets for the 100m final will range from £50 up to £725.

Tickets for football games (taking place at the City of Coventry Stadium, Hampden Park, the Millennium Stadium, Old Trafford, St James' Park and Wembley) will start at £20, with the price increasing as the games commence, with prices for the semi finals between £39 and £125 for the semi-finals, rising to £40 to £185 for the men's final and £30-£125 for the women's final.

1.7m people have thus far signed up to London 2012's ticket information site. You need to submit an application for tickets when sales are launched, even if they have registered their details with London 2012 and have a ticketing account. The prices of 2 million tickets for the Paralympics will be announced at a later date.

It is worth remembering that you'll need a Visa card for all this. Why? Well, read our report on the Olympics slightly dodgy look on payment.

It's probably going to be a disaster anyway.

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  • Gunn
    I think I'm busy for those few weeks when its on.
  • Nick T.
    City of Coventry Stadium? Is that anywhere near the Ricoh Arena?
  • Brad
    Is it just me or all the promises or "bullshit" as I now like to call it, slowly but surely being broken, yes they are.
  • Dave
    How soon will they all end up on EBAY at rather inflated prices...
  • Nobby
    Why don't they give tickets for crap events that nobody wants to see to the local kids. That way, everyone is happy. Local boroughs can feel they have been invited, and loads of 12 year old boys will get boners at the synchronised swimming without having to pay.
  • Nobby
    > City of Coventry Stadium? Is that anywhere near the Ricoh Arena? They are renaming it for the Olympics to remove the branding.
  • Deepz
    Old Trafford... thats in Manchester... and it's meant to be the London Olympics... am I missing something?
  • firstnameunknown
    And Hampden Park's in Scotland! WTF?!
  • Officer D.
    What a monumental waste of fucking cash.
  • Scribbles
    I wonder whether 'platform tickets' will be available for those who don't have a Mastercard, so you can enter the Olympic village only? Maybe 'gratis graffiti passes' for anyone who wants to lay down a few gang tags around the park?
  • Why C.
    Lets be honest, for most people this is just 2012 more reasons to not give a toss.
  • Huge M.
    I'll personally give a gold medal for any swimmer that leaves a floater in the pool
  • kev
    just once they don't allow any vuvuzela's it'll be okay
  • PedoBear
    Chris Roberts, "the leader of Greenwich council" needs to STFU, who gives a crap about kids, it's a sporting event not a playground ffs. Chris Pedo Roberts wants to fill the stadums with children for his own viewing pleasure. **** off!
    I say old boy, we just can't have you common working class plebs with your snotty nosed spogs attending you know.
  • Angolan s.
    will having a visa make it easier to stay afterwards & claim "asylum"?
  • scl
    the real question is if sky will be given exclusive rights to show the olympics ... it's not impossible you know.
  • Kevin
    Why would the ticket prices stop kids from the local boroughs from watching? They can pay for their tickets like the rest of us! They're the ones who will end up with a giant new park, new football stadium, not to mention lots more housing after the olympics. I'd say the important thing is the number of tickets in each section. For example the opening and closing ceremonies. What % of the tickets are £20.12 and how many are £2012? What do you get for your extra money? Some cool gofts, branded merchandise as well?
  • zleet
    Can't wait for the really shit opening ceremony. They could do an epic rock-out with Clapton, Brian May, Pete Townshend and whoever else raising up on platforms and blowing your mind but you know it will be a few dozen dancers in suits and bowler hats with whatever crap X-factor act is around singing karaoke.
  • lala
    Did you know if you fill your bins up with excess packaging it stops foxes from rummaging through them.
  • Rich
    There will be: Crap Opening Ceremony Crap Security, this country has no clue! All tickets will be on ebay 10 minutes after selling them Better of watching it on telly
  • Slacker
    I won't even be watching it on the telly. Lord Coe can roll up all the tickets for the entire event and shove them up his smug Tory arse, along with cretinous proposal for a combined UK football team.
  • News-London B.
    [...] Prices announced for London 2012 Olympics… just make sure you have … [...]
  • Angry R.
    What a waste of space. Tickets cost a fortune and to top it all I have three kids so I can't even bid for 5 tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why should I get penalised for having three kids, its not like anyone can over purchase and sell them on, NOT HAPPY for my home Olympics, in fast I am devasted!
  • london d.
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