Price rise for Virgin Media customers who have Sky Sports

Bitterwallet - Richard Branson blackmail at Virgin Media Are you a Virgin Media customer who has Sky’s sports package? Well, your world is about to be turned upside down as you're being slapped senseless with a £2 a month increase. In irritating news, that's double the £1 Sky's own customers are looking at.

The price increase will come into play in June.

Sky said, back in March, that the price of a sports package would go up by a quid a month, while the cost of their family bundle will rise by £3 a month. Sky, clearly, need to find a way of getting some of the money back that they spent on Premier League matches. They coughed-up £4.2bn for those.

Virgin Media, likewise, have to stick their prices up, with the sports fans paying the extra couple of quid and those who have Sky Movies will pay 50p a month more, on top of that.

Virgin said: "Sky is spreading the cost across its other TV packages, so their customers who don’t take Sports or Movies will also see the cost of their packages go up. Our rises are simpler and only mean that customers who take the content pay the increased price for that content. We don’t want to make our non-Sky Sports/Movies watching customers subsidise costs for those that do."

Throwing a bit of shade at Sky there, eh?

Virgin Media has form in this, and has been complaining about people paying too much for football on TV in the UK. Virgin seethed that, when Sky announced their price hikes, everyone knows that Sky's non-sport watching customers were subsidising sports rights.

Brigitte Trafford, Virgin Media’s chief corporate affairs officer, said: “This price rise is entirely due to the increase in charges we have to pay Sky. As we have made clear to Ofcom, any increase in the value of the Premier League’s live TV rights eventually ends up hitting the pockets of fans."

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  • Roy
    I called them and told them to sling their bloody hook. Thats twice in last 4 months they have increased my plan. Unfortunately last time I missed the 30 day deadline to cancel. This time around I called same day as I received the letter and bloody well gave them a ear bending and said I'm cancelling if they don't cancel this rise. They promptly put a £15 credit on my account, even though I only have 4 months left on my agreement. Result. Also watch out. They are dating these notification letters with just the month and year (no day). EG: April 2015. No doubt they are creating an ambiguity with the more savvy customers who know the 30 day cancellation rule.

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