Pizza Hut turn box into movie projector

9 June 2015

Stuffing your face with takeaway pizza while watching films is a god given right, so with that, Pizza Hut have come up with a neat idea. They've created a pizza box that you can transform into a movie projector, powered by your smartphone.

They call it the 'Blockbuster Box' and, the magic happens with the little plastic table thing that you get in your pizza. This one is different from the normal white plastic affair, as it has a lens in the middle of it, which you insert into the side of your pizza box after you poke out the perforated hole in the side.

Then, all you do is place your phone in the Blockbuster Box, and the lens will project your video onto a wall.

pizza_hut projector box

And if you don't have Netflix, or still haven't worked out that loads of people put full length films on YouTube yet, then Pizza Hut has printed a QR code on each box, which you can scan with your phone and get a free film.

Sadly, this is only a thing in Hong Kong at the moment, which means we'll all have to wait and see if they roll it out across the rest of the world. They should, because it is a brilliant marketing idea. Of course, if you don't want to wait, you could buy a magnifying glass and cut a hole out of a shoe box or whatever, and just make your own version.

Here's a video of the Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box.

Ogilvy & Mather HK - Blockbuster Pizza Box from Work that works on Vimeo.

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