Paid-for TV isn’t worth the money, and we don’t watch half of it anyway…

tvAs the channels gear up for their Christmas offerings, a new survey from shows that most of us do pay for extra TV, even if we don’t watch it all, nor think it’s worth the money.

The survey of 1,426 people found that 62% of us do pay for our telly, over and above the licence fee of course, spending an average £33 per month. However, almost a third (30%) of us don’t actually think this represents good value for money. Which begs the question ‘why are you still paying for it’, immediately answered by the news that 12% of us admit to ‘forgetting’ to cancel TV upgrades, potentially wasting over £7million a year.

Collectively, not each.

The problem is that most of us pay for TV just to get a few specific extra channels, with most viewers professing that most of the channels they pay for are completely redundant. More than a quarter (27%) of pay TV viewers only actually watch 10% of the channels available to them. On average, households in general view only a quarter of the channels they pay for.

But despite being disappointed in the value of their TV packages, one in four viewers compound the issue by shelling out extra on top of their existing pay TV package for premium programmes such as films on demand, and one-off sporting events. This adds an extra £13 per month on average, or a UK total of £275 million extra per year in disappointing Manchester United matches.

And over-the-top costs is the prevailing reason why those who don’t pay for TV don’t pay. Almost four in ten (38%) cite a lack of good value for money, and 27% simply say they can’t afford it.

So do you pay for a TV package? Is it worth the cost, or do you resent having to pay extra for sports matches and movies on top? Would all problems be solved if terrestrial TV was just better anyway?

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