Over 2,000 free MS-DOS games to be played on your computer!

prince1 Fans of old video games can rejoice as a huge library of MS-DOS games have been archived and are playable on your computer.

And you won't need to dust down a floppy disk or mess around with command prompts as they're playable in your browser.

The MS-DOS Software Library has gathered up games in advance of 2,300 titles, including Street Fighter II, Golden Axe, Prince of Persia (pictured), Metal Gear, SimCity, Maniac Mansion, Arkanoid, ZZT, Micro Machines and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Naturally, there's a load of rubbish in there, but of course, for gaming nuts, that's not entirely bad news either as there's something rather sweet about reliving the frustrations of playing something that you thought was complete crud, way back when.

The site is exempt from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) because it is hosting games that are on a format that is effectively dead.

Not that you should care about that as such. You should rummage around and see what games they have and coo at the graphics and remind yourself how tricky gaming used to be.

Play games at the MS-DOS Software Library here.


  • jim
    freakin cool! takes me back to spectrum and bbc days
  • Han S.
    Firstly it's not exempt from DCMA because copyright is copyright, effectively dead platform or not. Secondly DCMA is purely an American law so they can just fuck off anyway.

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