Offline viewing with Amazon Prime

1 September 2015

amazoninstant You know how you can listen to music offline with Spotify? Well, the service is now available to Amazon Prime users who are down with the Amazon Prime Instant Video apps.

We're surprised Netflix hasn't already got on this and now they've been beaten to the punch by Amazon. Of course, other companies have talked about this as a feature before, and have usually said that licensing issues are the reason it can't be done, but here we are.

Of course, you can do this with BBC and Sky through the Sky Go and iPlayer services, but this is a little different as this is a streaming-only affair, so you can expect Netflix and Hulu to start making moves into the area.

Amazon have 2,164 films and TV shows available to download to iOS and Android devices. They've not said how long you can have the downloads for, so more on that when we can be bothered to find out.

One thing that is a massive boon for Amazon is that they can push this as something that you can do so you don't batter your data allowances, if you want to watch stuff while travelling or what have you.

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