New things afoot for EE TV

watching-television EE are going to dole out a load of new features to their TV service, in the battle to win the hearts, minds, arses and eyes of the UK. Seems like everyone is getting involved in television at the moment.

So what's going on? Well, next week, EE will launch new features in a 'My TV' section, which will let you personalise your televisual experience. Basically, you'll have options for your favourite channels and programmes.

There's also going to be a companion screen function, so you can use a secondary screen for additional information and interactivity, which relate to whatever you're watching. EE are also promising a better search tool and functionality.

EE have also said that there's going to be some new channels too, including a film channel called Mubi.

"The new EE TV features take the personalisation capability that all smartphone and tablet owners are familiar with, and incorporates it to create what we believe is the best multi-screen TV service available today,” said Simeon Bird, director of home broadband and TV at EE.

So there you have it. Another thing to try and win your TV affections. When BT take over EE, this could all change, or indeed, it might be merged with BT Sport. One to keep an eye on, that's for sure.

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