New Star Wars film tickets on sale!

19 October 2015

starwars Advance tickets for the new Star Wars film have gone on sale this morning, even though The Force Awakens isn't out for a couple of months yet.

A load of cinemas in the UK and Ireland were teasing people last night on social media, but now, we're here with a new trailer set to air today as well. Nerdgasm.

You have to wonder how quickly these will sell out, don't you?

Click here to get to the Odeon's page for Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets. If you're a CineWorld fan, then click here.

And, for full geekjaculation, there's a new Star Wars poster to look at for the new film, which is very nice and Star Warsy. Look at it here.

Anyway, the film will be shown on December 18th, so get cracking if you want to be one of the first to watch it.

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