Netflix now on TalkTalk

netflix-transparent Netflix is now actually on TalkTalk TV with YouView. Talk Talk homes that pre-registered for the service are among the first lucky few to receive it on their set-top boxes.

It will continue to roll out over the next month, where it is hoped all 1.2 million TalkTalkers will have access to it.

Tristia Harrison, MD (Consumer), TalkTalk, said: “Netflix is a brilliant new addition to TalkTalk TV. As Britain’s fastest growing TV service, we are on a mission to provide the best movies and hit TV shows that our customers can dip in and out of, all at a great price. Netflix complements this perfectly."

“The fact that TalkTalk homes can enjoy such a huge range of must-see content, on their TV as well as on other devices is an exciting step forward. We can’t wait for them to dive into the movies and series everyone’s talking about.”

Bill Holmes, global head of business development, Netflix, chipped in with: “By partnering with TalkTalk we’re making it even easier for many TV fans and movie lovers in Britain to watch Netflix on their television screens”.

Behold, a new tranche of social media updates banging on about House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black!

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  • tin
    You still have to pay for a netflix sub, and BT flavoured youview has had it for some months. Basically talktalk's STBs got a new app (late). Talktalk getting a lot of gaffs parroting their press release for this nothing-to-see-here event.

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