Netflix launches index to show fastest and slowest ISPs

Netflix, who are a movement resulting in awful tattoos now, have decided to bestow the 'Netflix ISP Speed Index' on the world in a bid to rank internet service providers on the quality of their online viewing experience.

Basically, they want to shame those who offer crappy connections which make your films look grotty. The also want us customers to push our ISPs into joining Netflix's content delivery system, Open Connect, which lets subscribers stream 3-D content and HD video.

Of course, BT might not want to play ball as they've got their own TV and film service to push, but other ISPs with no media outlet may jump at the chance to get in bed with a hugely popular service such as this.

It is only a matter of time before we'll inevitably see ISPs using their Netflix Index rating as a promotional tool, promising 3D films and the like. In the UK, Virgin tops the index, with EverythingEverywhere trundling in last.



  • Han S.
    BT must be playing some sort of ball as they're second on the list, maybe you should research it properly Mof?
  • Steve
    Linky, in case anyone cares, or wants to check Mof's journalistic integrity.
  • JP
    Usually articles link to the websites they're talking about.

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