Netflix gearing up to snatch Sky's movie goodies...

netflix For that past couple of decades, it’s pretty much been the case that if you wanted to see the latest movies pumped directly into the comfort of your home, you’ll need to have a subscription to Sky (or a mate who’ll go down the video shop for you).

But nothing stays the same forever, and now Netflix is flexing its movie-acquisition muscle and is ready to take on the Murdoch boys. Netflix boss Reed Hastings when it comes to getting first-show movie action.

Hastings has puffed out his chest and roared: “We will be really aggressive in our bidding. It may be that we win in the first round. It may be that it takes two or three years, but we’re incredibly confident that we will win the bidding for some of Pay 1 (the rights to show the biggest films first)”.

In spite of the fact that its UK offering is still in need of a boost, Netflix is clearly here to stay and says it has already surpassed the one million subscriber mark. You can just imagine Reed Hastings strutting around his office suite like some kind of cockerel can’t you?


  • Avon B.
    Netflix certainly needs something to improve its piss-poor offering. And you need a copy checker.
  • Wonkey H.
    And I'm going to choke my chicken.
  • Norris M.
    Does anyone need a beer?
  • Chewbacca
    WHY can't you English fuckers distinguish between the FLOOR and the GROUND? Nothing to do with this topic, just wondering. You utterly retarded abortions. Cunts.
  • Derek
    cant beat a good snatch
  • Alexis
    I had Netflix free for a few months. Great for all the stuff you can get on 4OD anyway, plus films from circa 2004.
  • Mr C.
    Netfix is also great for Chuck Norris films..
  • JJ
    Don't know why people complain about it. The film selection isn't that bad if you switch between the US and UK selections. Some newer items to have been added recently include Super 8, Captain America, Thor, Breaking Bad Season 4, Hostel 3 and Bad Ass. Not bad for 19p per day.

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