Netflix coming to the UK in 2012

Netflix-on-a-PS3-007 Just how much longer will we all bother to get dressed, go to a cinema, sit in a darkened room filled with strangers who make noises and sudden movements during the film of your choice, when the alternative could be to stand naked in your living room, wave your arms around a bit and have the film of your choice just appear on your screen?

That could be more feasible than ever before in 2012 when Netflix launch in the UK and Ireland. Already massive in 43 countries including the US and Canada, they’ll be bringing us streaming content along with all those other ones that are already bringing us streaming content.

At the moment, Netflix streams its stuff to PCs, Macx, smartphones, set top boxes and consoles like the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii. We’re assuming that they’ll replicate some, if not all of that behaviour when they rock up over here next year. The Xbox 360 even offers Kinect support for Netflix in the USA, hence the reference to naked arm-waving way back in paragraph one.

But life isn’t a bed of roses for Netflix in the US – there’s recently been consumer uproar over a price hike and a split in their streaming and postal DVD services. We’ll have to wait and see how right they get it in the UK in a few months’ time.


  • Mike
    Hmmmn Netflix looses 800,000 customers in the USA Hmmmn Netflix comes to the UK Things that make you go Hmmmnn
  • Ray
    Pff, Lovefilm is already here

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