Netflix - are commercials coming?

netflix-transparent One of the best things about Netflix is the lack of adverts. You pay your subscription and you're blessed with ad-free TV shows and films.

However, that might be changing as they've announced that they're going to be testing pre-roll and post-roll adverts on some users. Obviously, if they deem it a success, they'll roll it out at everyone.

It looks like the commercials will only be for Netflix's original content - so shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and that cartoon about a sarcastic horse.

Still, any worries of third-party adverts should be assuaged by Netflix themselves.

A Netflix spokesperson said: "We are not planning to test or implement third-party advertising on the Netflix service. For some time, we’ve teased Netflix originals with short trailers after a member finishes watching a show. Some members in a limited test now are seeing teases before a show begins. We test hundreds of potential improvements to the service every year. Many never extend beyond that."

Can you cope with that while you're binge watching boxsets of TV shows?

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