Netflix and Tumblr team up

netflix-transparent Netflix is coming to Tumblr!

Although no one really seems to know what a Netflix Tumblr will actually offer fans, but according to a online video on Yahoo's social network with a post saying: “Waiting is the worst. We are officially counting down. Netflix is coming to Tumblr January 2015”.

It is more than likely that the upcoming profile will follow the template set by other brands on Tumblr, combining a mix of gifs, video clips and pictures to promote films and series on the service.

This should see an uplift in Netlfix’s overall marketing spend, which represents a small fraction of its total revenue. In 2013, the company's advertising spend was $437.9m, roughly 10% of its revenue.


It'll make a change from all the .gifs of Bob's Burgers, Ryan Gosling and... wait... it'll probably mean a huge spike in those things! Arrgh! Run for the hills!

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