Netflix and chill - now a button exists

A lot of people have been going on about having a 'Netflix and chill' lately. For those of you who are a thousand years old, it basically means 'would you like to come round for some intercourse?'

Well, Netflix have gone and created a button to facilitate exactly that. A proper, real life button with schematics so you can build it. Seems a bit much, like having a klaxon horn for when you're getting the condoms out of the box, but there you go - stating 'Netflix and chill' should've already made your intentions clear.


Anyway, it's called 'The Switch', and it puts your phone into Do-Not-Disturb mode, silencing incoming calls and messages, and if you have a smarthouse, it'll dim the lights too.

It'll also order you a pizza if you want and, of course, it'll turn Netflix on. It can't turn your partner on as well - you have to do something to earn your coital behaviour.

Netflix aren't planning on selling these buttons to those who can't build things like this, however, if you can, maybe you can make a load and sell them to randy people.

If you can't manage to get someone over to your house, you can certainly have a Netflix and chill on your own, if you catch our drift.

What do you think?

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