Need help retuning Freeview? Here's a very unhelpful URL

Tomorrow morning, Freeview is getting a bit of spit and polish. Not literally of course - unless your Freeview box is made of shoes. Some TV and radio channels will shift positions and without retuning you'll be staring into an endless photonic void. Around 25 million Freeview TV sets, set-top boxes and digital recorders will be affected across the country, but thankfully the BBC has provided you with a concise website address where you'll find the latest information:

Bitterwallet - changes to Freeview
[Twitpic] via Stephen Martin


  • Jase
    wow, that URL just rolls off the tongue. you would've thought they'd splash out on a new domain if it affects 22 million many people are seriously gunna find that tiny corner of the freeview world?!
  • AG
    You mean something nice and easy - I don't know, maybe something like ?
  • Evil K.
    BBC meet Hope you have a long and productive life together.
  • Nobby
    > Some TV and radio channels will shift positions and without retuning you’ll be staring into an endless photonic void. You still will be after retuning too for most of the channels.
  • bobbin t.
    Copy -> Paste. Technology is hard :(
  • bobbin t.
    Or more likely, just click it. This Hyper-Text will never catch on!
  • Gunn
    Those URLs are commonplace, they are good for the search engines, lots of keywords in there. As you say most folks would just copy paste or click through.
  • diGriz
    I've not tuned my TV in since I got it over a year ago as I use sky instead. I assume if I ever decide to use the freeview, like any new television the settings will sort themsleves out and that I need not tune in just to retune??
  • Maribel H.
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