Music tickets are expensive and all that

24 May 2010

ticket toutThis is hardly surprising news, but touts make a lot of money selling tickets for sports and music events on online auction sites getting a decent profit of 59%, according to people who have researched this kind of thing slightly needlessly.

Apparently, if you really put your back into it, a "committed tout" can earn more than £28,000 a year. That's not a bad wage is it? I bet you can diddle your expenses on your tax as well. According to the research, you only have to sell around 10 tickets a week. Its almost worth thinking about taking it us as a job, eh?

Big events still get the biggest mark up, unsurprisingly. For example, a pair of Paul McCartney tickets sold for £450.

"Fans continue to pour thousands of pounds into the wallets of the touts," said Mark Hamilton, managing director G4S Events. "But, fans should be aware that in buying tickets from unauthorised outlets, they could find themselves barred from entering events if their tickets are found to be fraudulent, or their identification does not match up with the ticket purchaser."

Of course, you could side-step the scalpers and get tickets from your fave band at stupidly inflated prices. For example, if you want to watch Bon Jovi (you should be shot) you could fork out £1,200 for ringside seats that come with a black metal folding chair with a gold and cherry-red Bon Jovi logo on the cushion to take home. Or maybe, you'd like to pay £600 to have your tea with The Eagles... BUT NO PICTURES!

Is it any wonder everyone steals music these days?



  • CompactDistance
    The real scam with Bon Jovi is the cheapest seats in the nosebleeds for their residency at the O2 are about £50 plus fees. Not like their moving any stages around the country on a proper tour, it's on the cheap for them but charging scandalous amounts.
  • CompactDistance
    *they're. I'm tired
  • brant
    Radio One ran this sort of story as TOP NEWS STORY for a whole day, last week... Something about "TOUTS ARE ON TICKET SELLING SITES"... I mean, duh...
  • That t.
    Seriously, is Mof Gimmers an anagram or porn name summat?
  • Nobby
    Touting doesn't bother me. If venues wanted to stop it then they could do it easily. Maximum of four tickets per credit card, and check that the owner of the credit card is present when the tickets are being used - that is, they have their credit card with them at the time of entry.
  • MrRobin
    Touts are all cnuts. They exist because demand outstrips supply at the given (face value) ticket price. I think that tickets for big events should be sold on Dutch style auctions. That way, demand meets supply exactly and the extra revenues will either go to the band and/or a charity chosen by the band.
  • Josh G.
    @MrRobin I can't agree with you on that one, I think a maximum purchase rule with identification required, as suggested by "Nobby" would be a much better system. The Auction method of control heavily favours rich people; poorer people who are huge fans of bands, wouldn't get a look-in. Josh
  • DragonChris
    Agreed with Josh.
  • (jah) w.
    I disagree with Josh. So many venues/festivals already require identification and it does nothing to stop touts - all it does is inconvenience the rest of us. I propose we just shoot touts in the face. Simple and effective.
  • Tom
    The Bon Jovi prices really piss me off. Bands don't have a massive say in tickets prices but if they're big enough then the promoter will generally listen. AEG are trying to recoup their losses after Jackson died though so they're screwing the tickets prices. And if people are daft enough to pay then of course they're going to charge. Fan online are always spouting shit like "yeah, it's expensive but I save up from tour to tour so it's all goood. lolz, arf internet speak for dicks etc etc"
  • Toodle P.
    Bon Jovi are shit.
  • Nobby
    > Bands don’t have a massive say in tickets prices but if they’re big enough then the promoter will generally listen. In that case, Meat Loaf, Demis Roussos, Renato Pagliari, and that fat Scottish bitch that won X-factor or Pop Idol or New Faces or whatever it was called should team up. They would be listened to. Obviously they will need a couple of spades to feed themselves before digging up Renato.
  • Josh G.
    I agree with Nick...
  • Cheddar

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