Music industry eventually suggests a global release day

fat white family The music industry is thinking of adopting a global street date for releases.

With albums being released on a Friday in Australia, there's a tendency among pirates to upload their releases, and soon they're shared around the world before the UK release date on Monday, followed by the US on a Tuesday.

It looks likely to happen, if the likes of the major labels are concerned, although how this is supposed to work when some acts stagger their album release due to the territory they're releasing in, hasn't been fully worked out yet.

Admittedly this sort of thing would apply more to the Coldplay and Ed Sheeran end of the market, rather than, say, for example - and mainly because we wanted to use a picture of them - Fat White Family, whose debut album from last year finally gets released next month in the US.

As far as the industry is concerned, digital suppliers are fine with a global Friday release date, some physical retailers actually think that they sell more CDs when stuff is released at the start of the week, obviously tied to the 'new release Monday' aspect that has been the UK music industry preference for decades, as that was dictated by the compiling of the charts.

Although, due to the fluidity of the music industry, and sales of downloads towering above the physical copy, the whole idea seems already quite quaint.

Not so much a case of 'closing the stable door after the horse has bolted', more like 'getting around to  doing something about that door, seeing as the horse ran off and got turned into No Frills lasagne some years ago.'

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