Millions of TVs to be killed by Ofcom's spectrum shuffle?

3 October 2013

family television There's been an announcement from Ofcom showing off ambitious plans to create a 'smart Britain'. They want to use the radio spectrum to improve industries like health and transport, which all sounds very nice and ambitious.

Steve Unger, Ofcom chief technology officer, said: "Spectrum is the raw material that will underpin the next revolution in wireless communications. In the future it won’t be just mobiles and tablets that are connected to the internet; billions of other things including cars, crops, coffee machines and cardiac monitors will also be connected, using tiny slivers of spectrum to get online."

However, this rejigging of the nation's airwaves means using resources that are used by our TVs, which means that 30% of the population could see their televisions becoming obsolete.

This is all planned for some time in 2018, which means that Ofcom need to make a plan about millions of TVs going awry, now. There was enough faffing around when the UK went from analogue to digital. If people are faced with buying more equipment to sort this out, there's going to be a lot of anger and people out of pocket.

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  • Don D.
    Sure by 2018 most of us will be streaming content from the internet to our TVs. Those who don't will just have to read a good book.
  • klingelton
    this is what we pay the TV license for isn't it?
  • Dick
    I stream content straight to my eyes, bypassing the TV altogether. At least that is what I told the police last time they caught me looking through my binoculars into the student dorms.
  • jaffacake
    you pay your tv licence so that the government can rake in more tax. the money you pay each year has no connection to how much the party in power allocates to the BBC, or anything to do with deciding how to use which radio spectrums.
  • Olde S.
    Umm how do crops get connected - are we looking at wireless wheat, lettuce lans etc - the mind boggles.
  • The q.
    Lets face it tv is often lamentable quality, so the streaming will be shit-streamed, so it makes sense. we bought DAB radios on the basis of the claimed "rurning off of the signal" now roughly 10 years later it's still going strong on FM etc... don't hold your breath, this is government planning after all! *Eskimo.

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