Microsoft to let you trade games for credit?

xbox-reveal-540x303 When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, there was a lot of anger at the idea that you couldn't play old games on them.

Well, it looks like they're having a look at this area, which could see gamers being able to resell their old games in exchange for credit. This rumour concerns digital games, which is interesting, as it isn't like handing in a disc that isn't mint condition, with a box that's seen better days.

A digital game is, basically, exactly the same regardless of age. However, if you're done with your download and don't want it taking up space on your console's hard-drive, you might want to fling it away and get some pennies back for it.

There's a survey from Microsoft doing the rounds, which looks like this.

xbox credit

Now, getting 10% back on the price you paid for a game isn't exactly life-changing. You may feel that it is worth simply keeping a game, just in-case you ever fancy playing it again. However, if you have a lot of games you don't want on your console, it could go some way to paying for new content, which isn't bad.

This survey was shared on Reddit, so it might not be the real-deal, but this is something that Microsoft will surely be looking at, as the gaming industry aren't exactly thrilled at companies who sell second-hand games getting a cut of the action, which Microsoft and the like don't see.

Either way, this could be the future of games trading, so one to keep tabs on. Hopefully, anything like this will ultimate see a better percentage being offered to consumers.

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  • Jessie J.
    Any money back on a digital game is good but 10% seems a little tight. 20% and I'm in. Nice idea from Microsoft. Wonder how they are going to deal with the people like me that download from different live stores to get the best price? Will I get my credit back in the currency of the place I downloaded from or in £'s. Interested to see how this will go. Do it like a dude.

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