Man United and Chelsea to kick off Sky 3D

19 March 2010


3D football eh? I bet that's mental. I bet Richard Key's hairy hands look even more ghastly when lurching out of the screen like a b-movie monster.

Anyway, BSkyB are going to launch Europe's first 3D TV channel, Sky 3D, with the Barclays Premier League match between ManUrinals and Chelski on Saturday 3rd April.

It's not just a one-off though as Sky have announced that they plan to show at least a further five Premier League games (which have yet to be announced... Hull fans, I wouldn't get your hopes up) before the end of the season on 9th May.

Lower down the leagues, Sky also plan to show the Coca-Cola Football League play-off finals from Wembley Stadium in 3D in summer.

Over a thousand pubs have signed up to show Sky 3D. So from April, once word gets around to which ale-houses have it, we'll all be able to pile in and watch footy matches popping out of the screen, with clearances heading directly toward our eyeballs. It's likely that more and more pubs will sign up in the next few weeks.

Brian Lenz, director of product design and TV product development at Sky, called the 3D channel's launch with the title-contender clash "fitting". I don't know why he said that, but he did.

Anyway, even if it's only a novelty, it should be great fun.



  • Nobby
    In my impartial view, Chelsea are a bunch of cunts.
  • Rob
    To be fair so are Man U.
  • Nobby
    And Andy Gray.
  • talal
    agree with all the above!
    I am glad I am not the only one who has noticed Richard Keyes's hairy hands. They are not half as hairy any more, I reckon the Sky exec's have forced him to have a hand wax of sorts to stop people turning off in disgust on Sunday afternoon's
  • Paddy
    Man U v Chelsea? So that'll be only London pubs showing this game in 3D then....
  • Sarah
    Eyephone- Richard Keyes had the hair on his hands lazered off just before Sky launched in HD so we wouldn't all have to suffer his ape hands in minute detail

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