Man gets Netflix tattoo while rest of the world organises public flogging

12 March 2013

A man has proclaimed his unswerving love for Netflix with a tattoo. That's right. A man loves streaming films so much that he's branded his body with the logo. Presumably, he's making his way to getting 'Buy Blue Pants' on the back of his head and bagging himself a 'Maine Potatoes' tattoo on his arm too.

And this isn't a joke. This man whooped and cheered at himself via Twitter and posted the photo to Netflix. Go visit @TheRealMyron if you don't believe us.

With his dreadful tattoo, he added: "Put me on a commercial, I love you guys," which is one of the most desperate, awful sentiments you're ever likely to come across. Of course, frightened witless and wondering whether to phone a counsellor, Netflix responded by giving him a free year's subscription. That's free movies in return for a lifelong advert.

Robinson later posted: "Netflix just made my year and gave me a free year. I love it," adding: "Netflix tweeted me, retweeted my tattoo and gave me a free year tonight."

"There is no way you can't believe in Netflix gang now. It's a movement."

The Arab Spring overthrew governments with their movement and the Western world has 'the Netflix gang', which is nearly as depressing as a grown man willingly getting a corporation inked onto his body which, frankly, he doesn't deserve. The only hope we have is that the tattoo artist castrated this dreadful shit.

And if you're thinking 'it's just a bit of fun', you're wrong. This man is a walking flyer and they're no fun at all. A bit of fun is eating bacon or sneezing and farting at the same time. This is worse than Mugabe.


  • LanceVance
    My Lovefilm tat is better than this. Shmoke da 'erb.
  • Badger S.
    What a Prick. That is all.
  • Jamie
    He will regret it. I know I regret my ChoicesUK tat. ....I only got that to cover the Rumbelows one.
  • Sam
    I'd personally get a Now TV tattoo printed on me.
  • The M.
    I know I regret getting "woolworths" tatooed on my lower back all those years ago.
  • what f.
    I guess getting Best Buy on my dong wasn't the best choice for me after all.
  • noshit
    Poor even for a Prison tattoo. My fav is that moron who has Miley Cyrus tats all over himself. That guy is another lvl.
  • chewbacca
    "Go visit @TheRealMyron if you don’t believe us." A prize to anyone who spots the highly obvious spelling mistake...
  • Captain C.
    As one of BT's current ads suggests - He doesnt get out much, does he.
  • Jasmine
    Way too much butthurt in the above article. I'm still wondering why I read it. Why was this silly website suggested to me on my Facebook?

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