Look! A Netflix gift card!

netflix-transparent Want to watch Netflix, but don't want to commit to a regular payment coming out of your bank account?

Well, the movie streaming service has launched PAYG top-ups, which is great if you don't know how to work a torrent or, indeed, a fine last-minute gift for someone who you can't be bothering thinking about for too long.

It appears that it'll work in the same way you top-up a PAYG mobile, where you can buy £15, £25 or £50 in credit which will be added to your Netflix account. Then, you can spend it on a Netflix package or whatever.

So if you're annoyed that you can't watch Netflix exclusives like Orange Is The New Black, or House of Cards, then this is your way in (if you want to do everything above board). This will be good for parents who don't want to give their kids their credit card to pay for Netflix too.

There you have it. Pay as you go movies and TV shows.

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