Licence fee to be dead within 10 years?

TV licence With more and more people refusing to pay their TV licence, it seems that changes are afoot. The director general of the BBC reckons that the licence fee has just '10 years of life left in it'.

BBC director general Tony Hall, addressing criticisms, admits that it doesn't look like there'll be a licence fee in the not-too-distant future, and of course, the Conservative Party have long been trying to get rid of it.

David Cameron appointment of MP John Whittingdale as Culture Secretary is seen as a move by the Government to go to war with the BBC. Whittingdale has said the past, that the licence fee is "worse than the poll tax". Insert your own jokes about the various governments way with mandatory taxes.

Talking to Andrew Marr, the director general said that: "Reform is up for the government to decide and have a debate. We suggested ways of reforming it so whatever way you consume and use BBC services you can pay for it. Somewhere in there lies a solution."

So will we see a subscription model, like American channels have, or something like Netflix?

Hall doesn't think so, saying that replacing the charge with a subscription model isn't a good idea, as the current model sees everyone getting quality programming "for a lot less by everybody paying."

Of course, 'quality programming' is not something a lot of people agree with. Looks like the licence fee is set for a drastic overhaul though.

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