Lady GaGa tickets take a price hike mid-tour


Lady GaGa's Monster Ball tour has been a pop-cultural phenomenon, leaving those who attended breathless at the sheer spectacle (and in many cases, regardless of whether they like her music or not). Basically, she put on a massive show and everyone got their money's worth.

£35-a-ticket? Bloody bargain! However, her next set of UK concerts, which will also be part of the Monster Ball, will see fans coughing up  two to three times more than those who saw the first leg.

The first round of tickets set pop-fans back £27.50 to £35... however, the extra dates, which will be held in the same venues as before in many cases, will be priced at £50 to £75 when they go on sale next week (March 15th).

Some fans are so up-in-arms that they're wondering if this is a case for the trading standards folks to get on.

On Lady Gaga's official website some fans wasted no time in going mental.

One asked: "Before i have a bitch fit, will we be getting a brand new show when the tour comes back to the UK in May ? or will the show be the same and fans will be expected to pay £75 for a show that only cost them £27 to see months earlier? I will gladly pay the extra if we are promised something extra, however surely it would be a case for trading standards, especially as the rescheduled shows will get to see a show that everyone else will get to see after paying 3 times as much." [sic]

Someone else added: "I was sure the price will go up but this is steep!"

However, according to an interview GaGa did with the Daily Star: "It will be a brand new show." In a statement, Live Nation said: "What was a small arena/theatre production is now a massive, first-rate arena production. Ticket prices for the previous dates were set long before the current Monster Ball show was developed. Ticket prices are comparable and fair."

Now, you lot can crack on with saying things like "she's got a cock" and all that.



  • Paul D.
    She's got a cock aint she??
  • MyOtherUserNameIsAFerrari
    Technically it is a "cock" but in fairness if mine was that small i would just say i was a lady as well.
  • Steve B.
    Just seeing a story describing Herr GaGa makes me livid. Livid, livid, livid, livid. At least now I can get over Dido being the shittest thing ever to curse my life.
  • andyofyarm
    This girl would suck a donkey for a bit of publicity?
  • -]
    £35 is a bargain? Glad I don't inhabit your world. I feel dirty the odd timeI pay £11-£15 for a gig, never mind £35.
  • Chris
    Load of crap imo... I don't remember what we paid but it was likely to be around the £35 mark. If you want to save yourself some money, check out my vids from when we saw her on YouTube: (original I know) but we got some decent footage. Good show, but not £75 worth.
  • JenEm
    But remember.... it's all about the fans!!
  • Karoline B.
    I don't like beyonce because she always does bad things , altough i like her voice
  • Förarbevis
    lol, Lady Gaga is hot!
  • Micheal P.
    I really love Lady Gaga with her strange dresses nevertheless she really let herself down this time going out in see through undergarments.

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