James Arthur homophobic row can get you a refund on his album

21 November 2013

X Factor alumness, James Arthur, has been embroiled in an internet row all week, after he called someone "queer". Arthur, with a face longer than Morrissey's, has been trying to brush it all off like he's too hard to care. However, after a scrap with fellow X Factorite, Lucy Spraggan, things have really got heated online.

For the low-down on the scrap, HolyMoly have the best round-up (treating the whole thing with the contempt it frankly deserves). However, one interesting thing has happened - it seems you can now get refunds on albums if you don't like something the artist has said.

The screengrab below shows what Michelle from iTunes said to a customer.

james arthur

So, with that, it seems that you can spend your money on albums, maybe films and TV shows and, should anyone involved in the project say something out of turn, you can ask for your money back.

That could be interesting, especially if you're into hip hop or metal, where artists say all manner of stuff to get themselves heard or in a bid to pointedly shock. Same goes for horror directors or actors defending Roman Polanski and the like. If James Arthur has done little for the world, it seems his big mouth has ushered in a new type of refund.



  • amazon s.
    Can you rewrite that article so it doesnt mention anything about X-Fucktards please.
  • Shaune
    Or you could just visit The Bay, Oh wait.
  • Studley
    This Louise chap already tweets, buys James Arthur albums and uses iTunes, so they're clearly not of sound mind.

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