ITV set to charge viewers for programmes


Paywalls are all the rage these days and bizarrely, ITV are expected to announce that they’re going after a piece of the action in an announcement early next week.

The Telegraph are reporting that ITV head honchos Archie ‘Asda’ Norman and Adam ‘Royal Mail’ Crozier will let it be known that ITV can no longer get by on free-to-air advertising and that some content will need to provided to viewers on a paid-for basis.

Although ITV is legally obliged to broadcast ITV1 for free on terrestrial TV until at least 2014, it is thought that they’ll look to set up paid-for digital channels or charge viewers to watch their HD output.

But what sort of stuff will ITV charge for? Live FA Cup coverage? Round the clock re-runs of The Krypton Factor? A Katie Price channel? What would YOU be prepared to fork out for from ITV?


  • Zeddy
    WTF! ITV are the biggest pile of shit. NOTHING that they show is worth watching.
  • Fby
    ITV is still running?
  • PaulH
    Balls to that! Apart from the FA Cup and Coronation Street, ITV is a huge pile of steaming shite! And as for ITV2, they might as well rename it the Katie Price channel, the stupid slapper...and when are they gunna get some more films other than the bourne identity...
  • PFC H.
    Are they completely insane!?! Just watch their revenue and viewing figures fall if they were to implement this plan.
  • Andy D.
    Hey everyone - don't forget ITV Digital! That was a massive hit. Hang on.....
  • Tricky
    Thank god they've finally had the sense to destroy the piece of shit TV company
  • Richard
    Are you people serious, itv is encroyablay. I would much rather pay my license fee to them than the scumbags at the BBC.
  • Marlboro M.
    I'd happily pay for ITV to go away forever. I'm sure more people would be willing to buy them out of the last 4 years of their contract than would pay to actually watch what they show. Then there will be more broadcasting space for better channels.
  • the f.
    i prefer the nature documentaries on bbc
  • helen
    bit gutted as ITV4 are the only people who broadcast BTCC, pain in the arse to have to pay for it seeing as everything else they show is shite. Hope BTCC change their contract if this comes in...
  • DMcG1873
    ITV premium subscribers will be allowed to see the goals scored during live football matches.
  • Chris
    At least when itv are gone it will make space for a nice new hd channel
  • Johnnie M.
    BTCC ftw, and the more free football the better. You'll miss it when its gone...
  • MChopp
    ITV 1,2,3 and 4 are pretty much all crap. So don't watch it when it's free, so won't pay to watch it! The best 30 seconds are the Cillit Bang adverts........
  • Lefty
    Why is Adam Crozier always the fella chosen to move in and destroy failing corporations? If he was a character in the blackadder sit com, he would be Baldrick. "Pay TV is No TV."
  • bawbag
    RIP it will not be missed. Unlike the goals on the matches it showed :-(
  • zax
    Completely agree with everyone, what is there good to watch on ITV? In fact, what is there good to watch on any of the TV channels except Sky1 and FX. Dancing and reality shows and singing contests and gardening and house makeover shows are just a pile of shit! Look at US, 24 is considered a drama over there. Look at UK, can't even think of anything!
  • zeddy
    @zax: a bit harsh on the BBC. It does some excellent factual progs on BBC4 and sometimes on 2. Mind you they pander to lowlife with Bargaincashintheweakestlink.
  • dunfyboy
    Agree with everyone else. I don't watch ITV for free so won't miss it when it's PPV
  • Mr G.
    But... what will the doleys do without Jezza Kyle?
  • katiep
    Fuck all, don't bother watching the crap they have on there grabbing bastards.
  • Carl
    TV Burp is the only remotely entertaining show on ITV.
  • BackToLose
    Isn't ITV's trouble that they can't attract enough viewers? This seems like a really good effort at driving away what little viewers they have remaining. Aren't the types of programs that do give them high viewing figures, produced mainly from the SyCo stable, not watched by the type of people who pay the bills. Just imagine having (or wanting) to pay to see X-Factor! And who would pay to advertise in and around a paywalled program? I can see a future with Corrie drifting off to Sky.
  • Zleet
    Oh god, i'm still tearing up with laughter at this. ITV is even worse than CH5 at the moment and putting up a pay TV service will just kill it stone dead. It's their own fault they smeared the ITV brand with so much reality TV diarrhoea and now find viewers and advertisers abandoning ship. It's just boo hoo-ing on their part because they look at the BBC and see them take the Licence fee and make quality programming that they can sell abroad to run at a profit and think 'wait a minute, we make shit TV no-one wants to touch and the BBC doesn't, but now we have a Tory coalition government who hate the BBC so maybe if we wail load enough they will carve us off a piece of the licence fee'.
  • Postman P.
    Nice to Mr Crozier's famous business genius being given an airing. Still not missing you already, All the boys at the PO.
  • Shopdis F.
    Hopefully they will die with the BBC. I hate the BBC. I have to pay them £140 a year and I don't even watch their shit channels
  • Jack T.
    Fuck. Let's give ITV a subsidy of £4 BILLION a year and see if they can improve.
  • Big A.
    Final nail in an already well sealed coffin. Never watch a thing on ITV. Even worse when you are in STV area as they choose what they think people want to see. Haven't watched it for years so won't miss it.
  • Ballu
    i thought they got rid of the Bill... now they want to give us a bill
  • The B.
    I guess the ITV demographic base (presumably the same people that read Desmond's papers) can afford it from their dole.
  • Wibble
    I never watch ITV. Everything they show is a bucket of shite.
  • Robert A.
    ITV does nothing but pander to the uneducated dross of this once great country. They broadcast drivel like the X factor, anything about Katie Jordan Price and rubbish the likes of the Jeremy Kyle show, a show incidentally that suggests that "lie detectors" work! If there were any evidence that they did, more crimes would be solved and that is not the case. They use the excuse that " exponents argue that results are 97% correct" well obviously some twat making a living out of this disproved piece of crap is unlikely to admit. "well yes it can be beaten very easily, and the fact that someone using it can be so nervous as to generate all the symptoms of lying", is unlikely to be heard. The fact is, that ITV, a company who used to produce great news, drama and comedy, is now reduced to the production of cheap ( often self funding via phone lines, whoops, don't go there ) taudry " look at me" television ( x factor and Katie Price, for two ) disregarding the fact that they are educating our young to believe they are either talented, or capable, or in fact have the RIGHT to become famous for having a surgically enhanced body and a total void of talent other than the belief that they are "wonderful". I mean, for God sake, they even present Katie Price as an AUTHOR, I doubt she has READ one word of any of "her" books let alone written one. ITV, is beyond a doubt, dead! Perhaps THAT is why they are losing advertising revenue? Rest in pieces, once great bastion of British Television.

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