Is Sky Sports about to get cheaper for BT and Virgin customers?

Bitterwallet - Sky logoFootball invariably won't be coming home during the World Cup this summer - you'll have to settle for the Quarter Finals, or similar - but it is about to get cheaper if you watch it anywhere other than with a Sky subscription. Ofcom has today told Sky to reduce the amount it charges other broadcasters to offer Sky Sports - the likes of Virgin Media and BT - by nearly a quarter.

The Murdoch empire has been told to reduce the wholesale price at which it sells Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 from the current £13.88 to £10.63 per subscriber per month. Over a year, it would mean a saving for the customer on a bundled TV package of around £24. Of course Sky are appealing the decision, so it's not a done deal just yet; even if the deal does go through, it wouldn't stop Sky juggling its schedules and perhaps moving key sporting events to other premium channels or pay-per-view.

The regulators are also about to go after Sky concerning their restriction of premium movie rights, because it has a knock-on effect for the subscription video-on-demand market. Also bundled in with the decision, Ofcom gave Sky permission to resurrect Picnic, Sky's Pay TV service for Freeview. That would mean the end of Sky's free channels on Freeview, replaced with subscription channels. Bah. So Sky will appeal everything except the decisions in their interests, and nothing good comes of it for the consumer. Good work.



  • Rob
    Oh no, I'm going to be without Sky 3 and Skysports News on freeview anymore. How will I live without them?
  • Aaron
    Sky sports news is probably my most watched channel, you cant beat georgie thompson and charlotte jackson in the afternoon
  • Pokey
    At what time of day are you able to beat them?
  • Brian
    Like hell Virgin are going to pass that saving onto us. They'll probably increase our package prices due to "administration costs dealing with Sky's price reduction".
  • JGN
    I'll stick to watching all my footy live via the internet thanks. 60 odd man utd games this year for the great price of nothing.
  • bob
    Brian - Virgin announced ages ago that they would reduce the price if Sky did to them. JGN - Good for you.
  • Late
    wtg on linking the story to the World Cup, which is broadcast on BBC & ITV...
    • Andy D.
      If you read it, you'll find that he didn't.
  • Late
    You're telling me there's no reference to the World Cup in that post? I'm not sure whether I need to be phoning an optician or a psychiatrist.
  • CompactDistance
    What a fan you are JGN. Typical S**m supporter. How about BT and Virgin Media etc actually put some money into the sport and spend on producing their own sports content instead of letting Sky do the hard work and then expect to pick up the finished product for peanuts?

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