In The Shops Now! The import duty might be a bit costly on this one…

Here’s a competitively-priced TV from Amazon’s US site – only $12.5 million. To be honest it’s not actually from Amazon but from a third party seller, the somewhat inaccurately-monikered UnbeatableSale, Inc.

But it’s still a pretty good deal, with 23% off. You wouldn’t want to pay the full $16,321,500 for it would you? But at the discounted price, it seems like a bargain.

A rival seller is offering the same TV for just $1,888.87 but that’s got to be fake. You’d probably just get a printed-out picture of the $12.5 million one. Worth checking the small print before you order.

Picture 142



  • Jack
    Who can turn that offer down with those kind of savings?
  • Mike
    Nigeria $ no doubt
  • smellephant
    holy crap. 74% of people buy the item featured on the page?
  • Stuart W.
    But it only has 3 1/2 stars worth of customer reviews. Must be rubbish!
  • zeddy
    There's always that £5 cashback with Quidco remember.

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