How to Watch Sky TV Without A Satellite Dish

Fancy watching Sky TV, even without a satellite dish? Now you can.

Sky has opened their online catch up service, Sky Player, to anyone with a broadband connection.

Sky subscribers with a Sky Multi-room or a Sky Broadband Max subscription will get free Sky Player access, but non-Sky customers can subscribe to the online service and gain access to up to 9 Live TV channels.

The standard package is £7.50 per month initially, but is rising to £15 per month at the end of January 2009. Channels included are National Geographic, British Eurosport, Disney Channel, Sky Sports News, Sky News. Soon to come are MTV One, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Sky sports channels are also available, for an additional charge.

This may Sky video players are based on Microsoft Silverlight while BBC is backing Adobe with its iPlayer. It uses the latest version of Silverlight, Windows Media and PlayReady encryption to support Windows and Mac computers.



  • Will
    Include Sky1 and Sky2 and I'm in! I miss roadwars so much :(:(:(:(:(
  • Mike
    So BBC has free catchup, C4 free and C5 free catchup. Sky £15 a month says it all.
  • Martin
    There is no way I'd pay for those channels, not even £1 per month.
  • Eshtal
    £15 a month !!!!! they must be joking
  • dontasciime
    Boycott at all costs when high speed internet actually means something and sky says dropped the price to every single channel for £15 adn a promise of not to increase for at least 10 years maybe think about it.
  • Bitterwallet B.
    [...] there’s everyone who’s trying to get in on the online TV frenzy, including Sky TV Without A Satellite Dish and The BBC opening up their technology to ITV and Channel 4 amongst many others.  We’ll [...]
  • Matilda
    Thank you for your input on the subject!
  • Abe S.
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  • ian s.
    why would you not want a dish, i live in oxford and was told that i could not have a dish by owner of block of flats i live in. almost gave up because i so badly wanted the sports channels. was told about and although the invisable dish was pricey i have now got the package i want in HD its brilliant i told the building management it was put in by the council to boost moblie phone signals and even shared the dish and cost with my neighbour who has sky plus brill. also if you have dish facing out of the window, you will either have to always keep it open or not have tv when it rains because of the arching when the signal hits the drops on the window very strange way
  • Rudy N.
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