HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 9th September

hukd_logob1Just a few hours left of the Gigantic Incredible Massive Gignatic Masiisve Bitterwallet Enormo-Prize Giveaway and the bundle of goodies you could win has been assembled from items featured in Deals Of The Day over the past week or so.

Will any of today’s bargains be in there? Maybe… and, you might even find some better ones over at HotUKDeals.

464874We’re kicking off today with the imposing-looking Wharfedale iPod speaker dock, which links to MP3, iPod and CD players, has a 30 watt speaker, an iPod connector and also charges your iPod.

Flick an imaginary switch on the back and it’ll fire out imaginary flames as well. Anyway, its RRP is £78.29 but there are some to be had for only £24.99. You might need to do some web-surfing, go on a journey and take a couple of days off work but it’ll be worth it.

minizoomIn case you didn’t know, today’s date is 09/09/09. As on 08/08/08, we expected the world to implode but it’s passed off without incident so far, unless you count Paul S almost choking to death on an iced finger earlier.

To commemorate the big day, ace US-based T-shirt retailer Threadless have reduced their entire range to just $9 each. Sadly our favourite, the tabloid-baiting Stabby McKnife is out of stock at the moment. Ah, well.

464316Finally, a 37 inch TV for only £449.99 that lots of people seem to like. It’s the Toshiba Regza 37RV635DB with full 1080p HD, Resolution + and Freeview. It says here.

It’s got a Meta Brain too apparently, so you can probably ask it advice about matters of the heart and financial quandaries. Which is all you can really ask for in a telly in 2009. Good luck with it and everything.

(deals found by HUKD members tremblyseren, davington and dr.met.ty)


  • Tom P.
    "today’s date is 09/09/09. As on 08/08/08, we expected the world to implode" Nah, that's happening next year 10/10/10 at 10am. I've been on a survival course and stocked up on a couple of crates of Sausages & Beans (from Farm Foods).
  • Brian2
    I've placed a £11K bet with William Hill that the World will end in 11/11/11.....i'll be rich as the fools offered 11,000,000/1

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