HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 31st March

hukd_logob1 Wotcha! Wanna see some bargains? Great! We’ve got a huge telly, an excessive quantity of cheap paint and some lovely Indian grub for you today. Dip your toe and see what you think.

It’s all here courtesy of HotUKDeals and there’s plenty more where these came from…

646355Come hither if you’ve always fancied the idea of a great big Bush in the corner of your living room. No no no, we don’t mean a bush as in a hedge, or as in, well, you know – we’re talking about a 52” Bush telly. Silly!

This one, the Bush LCD52786F1080P, is a full HD digital LCD gogglebox and it’s half price at the moment – only £499.99 as opposed to, erm, whatever double of that number we just put there is.

20070331_kidsnpaintMoving on, we find ourselves suddenly engrossed in the world of matt emulsion paint, in particular a 2.5 litre bucket of the stuff. If someone had come up to us yesterday and told us that you could get one of these for just 80p, we’d have snapped and got them in a special Bitterwallet death grip.

Today, however, is different. We have seen with our own eyes that such a bargain really, truly exists and we can point you in its direction. Obviously, it’s not the best quality matt emulsion on the market but we fervently believe that it would suffice as an undercoat… and if you water it down you could probably pass it off as evaporated milk.

645655Finally, we move on to the tried and trusted subject of stuffing our fat faces. More specifically, with a ‘banquet’ of Indian food. This ‘banquet’ includes one portion each of chicken tikka masala and chicken korma, two portions of pilau rice, two mini naan breads, six mini onion bhajis, four mini vegetable samosas, and four mini chicken satays.

Trust us – that’s not what we call a banquet. In our role as one of Britain’s top consumer website, we’ve been to shitloads of banquets and that isn’t one – for a start, there’s no cigars. Anyway, we’re prepared to turn a blind eye owing to the fact that you can get it all for the princely sum of just £5.00.

(deals found by HotUKDeals members daveshop, Handsome_Tom and lucerysmum)

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