HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 1st September

hukd_logob1 Hyped up about this evening's Apple announcement? Of course you are. Take your mind off the pressure by buying all of this amazing stuff instead.

All courtesy of HotUKDeals - where amazing stuff is as common as biscuits.

749341_1Are you looking for a new kitchen gizmo that chops, dices, peels, boils, hardens, straightens, melts, steams, invisiblises and microwaves? You’re wasting your time – there’s no such thing.

We can offer you something that will microwave though – it’s called a microwave. It’s made by Daewoo, it’s only £39.99 and it’s brilliant. But like wheelie bins, don’t put a cat in it. Well, you can put a cat in it, but don't switch it on. For too long.

749151_1Next up, we’ve got some earphones that have arrived from the esteemed house of Sennheiser – renowned makers of ear-flavoured equipment that will make your day go faster as you get to listen to nice music instead of nearby idiots talking.

What we have ‘ear’ (do you see what we did there?) is the Sennheiser MX 55 VC in-ear earphones and you know what? Come closer... they’re only £5.00. That’s right – a fiver. Majestical stuff.

749085_1Finally a film that has divided opinion like no other since 1978’s saucy British comedy 'Gay Vicars Up Ladders'. Obviously we speak about the recent remake of Star Trek, where the original 1960s’ characters are played by thrusting young ‘noughties’ actors.

It’s almost certainly fair to say that absolutely everyone who has seen this film has seen this film. But if you haven't, you can now, on DVD for just £2.55. To infinity and beyond, as they say in the movie...

(deals found by HUKD members toddy888, Guyver and whizzkid)

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