HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 5th October

hukd_logob1 As a special treat for you, we’ve got Double Deals Of The Day – combos of items that go together, all at LOW LOW PRICES! They all come, of course, packing heat from the mighty HotUKDeals.

771109_1We start off with a couple of DVD box sets of TV shows that have redefined the way we look at television in ways that nothing has since The Krypton Factor (the first time around with Gordon Burns, not the shitty reimagining from a couple of years ago.) We speak of course about The Sopranos and The Wire.

They both come from America’s highly-rated HBO network, where swearwords like ‘fuck’, ‘shitbox’ and ‘frig-a-doodle-doo’ are not only commonplace but actively encouraged. You can get the complete DVD collections of these brilliant series for just £49.99 each.

771222_1You might need something to eat and drink while you’re ploughing through the hundreds of hours of quality television that you’ve just bought – so here’s some quality grub and glug for you to push forcefully into your face.

How about some Monster Munch for starters eh? There’s a box of 30 packets up for grabs for only £4.50 right now; that’s just 15p per packet. Then you can wash it all down with 24 x 330ml cans of Coca Cola or Diet Coke – that’ll be just £4.00, less than 17p per can. Enjoy your feast, fat-face.

771129_1Finally, we round off our round-up with some musical relief – and CDs by two of the most miserable pop groups ever to have stalked the planet with their ‘songs’ of abject misery and woe. Give a big wave to The Smiths and Radiohead everybody!

The Smiths alleged finest moments have been gathered together on a CD called The Sound Of The Smiths and you can get it for only £3.99 delivered. If you’d prefer the moaning, mumbling mock-prog bollocks of Radiohead, their ‘seminal’ OK Computer album could be winging its way into your home in exchange for only £2.69. You lucky, lucky bastards...

(deals found by HUKD members Noghar, Inter, thecolonel, Borat, skdotcom and WessexUnderwater)

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    The Radiohead one is cheaper at Play.

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