HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 13th September

new hukd logo Form a line and stand as still as statues for us or you’ll get nothing. The not nothing that you’ll be hoping you don’t not get is a couple of posh tellies, a driving PC game and some lovely booze.

It’s all from HotUKDeals and there’s loads more where that came from…

1014977_1You’re never too far away from needing a new TV set. We go through about three or four of them a month here at Bitterwallet HQ, normally as a result of them being destroyed whenever something with John Barrowman comes on.

There’s a couple for you to choose from in today’s round-up. First up comes a Panasonic VIERA TX-L42E3B 42'' Full HD LED TV plus a Panasonic Blu-ray player and a five-year warranty for £480. If you don’t fancy that, there’s always a Samsung 43” 3D Plasma TV, yours for only £374.99. 3D – it’s the future… or something.

1015133_1We’re always bringing you special offers on games for the popular consoles like the Nintendo Wii, the Microsoft XBox 360, the Sony Playstation 3 and the Webley FunGasm 5000, but it’s not so often that we bring you a PC game. That changes now.

Here’s a sensational offer for a pre-order of the upcoming F1 2011 game for the PC. Put your name down for one right away and you’ll get it for only £17.99. As well as being all of your favourite drivers, there’s also a sub-game where you can become Bernie Ecclestone and attempt to scale a low wall.

1014361_1Finally for now, some booze. We only drink Stella and Bailey’s here at Bitterwallet HQ but we’re tempted to give Glayva liqeur a try. It says here that it’s, “a smooth and unique taste experience. A subtle blend of spices, the finest Scotch whisky and just a hint of citrus, best enjoyed over ice.”

There’s more: “Glayva is unique - a blend of the finest selected Scotch Whiskies, which are then married carefully with a rich variety of natural herbs, honeys and flavourings to achieve the distinctive and original taste.” Get in there, eh? Anyway, it’s up for grabs at £9.00 for 50cl of the stuff.

(deals found by HUKD members defgimp, SpencerUk, Helljumper and cdm30379)

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