HotUKDeals Of The Day - True Or False Friday!

Welcome to Bitterwallet’s HotUKDeals Of The Day, and as it’s True Or False Friday, that must mean it’s Friday. What does it mean?

‘FRIDAY!’ you all cry. See the bargains, read the statements and have a little test with yourself about whether they’re true or false. Then do something else. Then something else. Then it should be about bedtime.

THE DEAL:  A warning triangle for motorists for just £2.99. Useful if you break down as it will let people know you have a warning triangle. More seriously, carrying one is also a legal obligation is some countries.

TRUE OR FALSE?  If you enter a bar or restaurant with the warning triangle attached to your face, it means ‘Beware: For I Have The Clap.’

THE DEAL:  The Wire. DVDs of series 1-4 of the show that is regularly called ‘the best thing ever on telly ever’ by people who read the Guardian and are crap at fighting. Despite that, it IS really, really good. £9.99 per series with Quidco cashback available.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The original draft of the script for series one had key character Jimmy McNulty as a crimefighting swan who would break the arms of suspects with its neck.

THE DEAL:  A super-loud 85dB alarm that doubles as a door stop – the alarm sounds when the door is opened. The sort of thing Jacqui Smith’s husband might use if he’s planning a quiet night in watching TV and doesn’t know what time his vinegar-faced wife is due to return. Peace of mind for just £2.25.

TRUE OR FALSE?  In the 1980’s Jacqui Smith used to be a breakfast DJ on local commercial radio in Bradford. You might know her better as ‘Jacqui Smooth.’

(deals found by Copperface, mekon and summoner)


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  • Francis R.
    I like the door alarm, It would give me enough time to put my trousers back on, shut the machine on, jump on the sofa, and pretend to watch tele, bonus!

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