HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday, The Day Before Good Friday

hukd_logob1 BANG! That’s the sound of Bargain Fever. Don’t be scared – it’s not an actual illness, more a permanent state of hysteria. Come on, embrace it, BANG!

Your only cure is to root around in HotUKDeals – there’s even more there to sicken and ail you…

924427_1You’ve probably always dreamed of being in a band – the bright lights, the bags of cash, the unusual favours offered by demented fans offered up in the car park round the back of the venue. But you’re about as musical as a wind-up frog.

Worry not no more and no longer, you can now live out your dreams in your home, with NONE of the added extras we described in the previous paragraph. That’s because you can get Band Hero, complete with pretend instruments, for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 for just £29.98 delivered.

924378_1Now that you’ve got the game, why not invest in something new to play it on. Namely a smart new television set. Maybe something that’s roughly 42 inches in diameter. Maybe something made by the good people at LG.

If that’s the case, you can take your pick from the LG 42LE4500 ultra-slim full HD LED telly for just £389.55 or the LG42PJ350 plasma HD TV for only £299.95. It’s like some kind of Christmas miracle! Erm, only at Easter.

924008_1Finally, a super-cheap SD memory card for all those special memories like the time when drunk Uncle Frank fell into the pond during a family barbecue, or the time when drunk Uncle Frank put his trousers on his head and sang God Save The Queen on a flight back from Marbella, or the time when drunk Uncle Frank drove into a motorway bridge, killing himself instantly.

We think that’s how a memory card works anyway. But what we’ve got here is a 32GB class 10 card with a five year warranty, meaning your memories of drunk Uncle Frank are here to stay for at least half a decade. What’s more, it’s going for only £21.49. RIP Frank.

(deals found by HUKD members Bookie, arsenal79place, alchemistkevin and deanos)

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  • doug
    "42 inches in diameter" errr.... yeah right

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