HotUKDeals Of The Day – Thursday 7th April

We asked 100 people if avid Bitterwallet readers were the sort who loved to scoff cheap treats and processed Mexican food while watching high quality US drama. Our survey said yes, you were. Except for one lady who thought you were a bunch of bong-eyed sex pests who spent their hours milking Salty Pete into their wife's favourite pair of shoes.

We reckon she was on the money, but we have to go with the majority and present more relevant top-notch offers from Hot UK Deals.

Everyone knows Jaffa Cakes are brilliant. But if you've ever tried the supermarket's own-brand rip-offs, you'll know that only the originals will do. That's what we reckon anyway, but what do we know? Nothing, at least according to HotUKDeals, because one of the day's hottest deals is a pack of 24 Tesco Value Jaffa Cakes for just 25p.

Cobblers. Accept no substitutes. Unless you're a schoolchild or a football referee.

Everyone knows The Rockford Files was the best cop drama ever made. Everyone. Except for those know-it-alls on HUKD, who reckon The Wire is pretty special too. Is Jim Rockford in it, we ask? Is he balls. Case closed.

But if you refuse to take our word for it, you can snap up the complete caboodle for cheap; The Wire: Season 1-5 DVD box set is just £40 at Amazon.

Everyone knows retired masked wrestler Len Dastard is the greatest icon of 20th Century Mexico. There's not a shred of doubt. Except in the minds of the urchins over on HUKD, who claim it's the Old El Paso range of delicious Mexican foodstuffs. Can a taco snap a man's head clean off its neck, reach down his throat and squeeze the life out of his still-beating heart? Well, what do you think?

That said, an Old El Paso Enchiladas kit is yours for just a quid at ASDA, so we're happy to be proved wrong.

[Deals found by RichardRichards, slojo and dairooney]


  • MrRobin
    The Wire deal link goes to a page that says it has been marked as spam? If I search for the item on Amazon it says £58.49... :(
  • Jules O.
    Blame Jamie Fucking Oliver.

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