HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 30th July

Today’s (late) Deals Of The Day is brought to you in association with the number 12, the chemical adrenaline, the word ‘fun’ and the ancient art of listing forthcoming TV programmes in a handy weekly magazine format.

As ever, we’re indebted to the fine folk at HotUKDeals for it is they who are our bargain gurus.

We’re kicking off today with a 12-month unlimited entry offer for the thrills and spills pleasureworld that is Thorpe Park. Magnificently, the year-long season ticket is now available in a ‘buy one get one free’ deal.

That works out at just £34 each per person for what could be almost 3,000 hours of non-stop fun – which breaks down at about 0.1p per hour. That’s assuming you don’t have a job and go there all day, every day for the whole year. And why wouldn’t you?

The Dawson family have been alive with gaming competition over the past week as we all jostle to get a go on the dozen events that make up the new Wii Sports Resort. We’ve been keenly contesting at basketball, table tennis, archery, rowing and many more, while at the same time bonding and growing closer as a unit.

In truth it’s just been me – the wife’s got no hand-eye co-ordination and the kids have had a go but they’re just crap on it. So I’ve locked myself away in the shed with the thing and haven’t seen any of them for a week. Be more like me and get yourself Wii Sports Resort complete with the new motion sensor controller add-on for just £33.79.

Trying to find out what’s going to be on the telly over the coming week while you’re sitting on the toilet is a bit of a nightmare. Sometimes we want to be alone and don’t want our significant other shouting the BBC4 schedule up the stairs at us.

If that describes your life, you need a 12-issue subscription to the Radio Times for just £1 – they’ll then charge you a mere £19.99 for every 26 issues afterwards. Or you could just cancel it. It’ll tell you about everything that’s coming on the telly, plus you can read features like ‘Arthur Scargill’s Ten Favourite Telly Hedges.’ Possibly.

(deals found by HotUKDeals members x-steph-x, aircanman and choc1969)

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  • Tom P.
    "12-issue subscription to the Radio Times for just £1 – they’ll then charge you a mere £19.99" OK, it's a bargain, but what about those little tree's that have to be chopped-up to print this mag? If you don't care about the tree's, think about the little chicks thats like to nest there and the little poodles that like to lift a leg and piss on the trunks. Don't forget the tramps that like to shelter under these trees when it's pissing down every day. My alternative is "The Internet".... ............and a wireless netbook if you really need to look at the schedules while expelling the curry from the night before in the bog.

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