HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 2nd December

hukd_logob1 Wahoo! We’re off to the Bitterwallet Christmas party tonight, so before we do, let’s toss off the best of today’s bargains for you all to dwell on while you imagine the BW gang huddled around a cheap bottle of white wine in an unnamed JD Wetherspoons somewhere.

As ever, it’s all thanks to HotUKDeals – who will be celebrating at an adjoining table.

815270_1We’re not going to sit here and pretend that we give a shit about the nation’s health any more – the government are hardly hiding the fact that they want us all to DIE and NASA seem to have discovered alien life on Earth.

So it’s hardly going to do any major damage for us to tell you that you can now get a seven-pack of Mars Bars for the miserly sum of just £1.00 now is it? We’ve just asked our editorial assistant Maths Mike to do the sums on that one and he says it’s ‘about 19p per bar.’

815381_1We move on to one of the most eagerly-awaited gaming events of the year, available at a frighteningly shrunken price. Eagerly-awaited if you’re a Nintendo Wii owner and enjoy playing games that have already been available on other formats for decades now.

Of course it’s the forthcoming Super Mario All Stars thing for the Wii – fancy pre-ordering it for £13.99? You SHALL go to the ball* (*be able to pre-order it for that price).

815669_1Finally, a telly for you to be able to play the said game on – or a game for the globally-loved Playstation 2 (remember that?). We’re through the looking glass here people, for it is a TV with a Playstation 2 built into it.

The TV is the Sony KDL-22PX300 and as well as the built-in gaming, it also has internet access. If we told you it was available for just £199.99, we wouldn’t be surprised if you tried to take a swing at us in panic and confusion. Well fucking well don’t, because it is.

(deals found by HUKD members ianshona, RAD and jcw1)


  • qwertyuiop
    13.99 is still far too much for what is basically a rom on a CD and a couple of other bits of old shite.
  • Ed-209
    7 mars for £1.00 thats only just over 14p a bar, Thank god mike is not the the cancellor. or maybe he was?.

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