HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 27th October

27 October 2011

new hukd logo Take full advantage of today’s blinding bargains and you could be packing some white-hot technology, playing a cool-as-ice console game AND pushing a toy car around your carpet while waiting for some cheap trainers to come through the post.

As always, none of us would be possible without HotUKDeals. Us? We meant ‘this’. Ah, what the hell, we meant ‘us’ – all of us.

1045657_1Let’s kick off with a couple of items of modern technology that you can have for disgustingly low prices. We’re not au fait with the brand names so we’ve got no idea what sort of quality you’ll be getting. Try suing us if they break – if you dare.

First up is an ISIS 40-inch 1080p telly with built-in Freeview and free delivery that you could have for as little as £235. No, really! Go on, treat yourself. Then there’s a 7-inch tablet computer with 4GB of storage and wi-fi. It’s only £49.97 and is made by Disgo 6000 – after the hit single of the same name by Pulp.

1045542_1Next comes a special version of the hit game Driver. It’s a limited edition and as well as the game you’ll get some maps and stuff and an actual toy car. That way you’ll be able to play with it when you’re away from your console and you’ll have that Driver vibe around the clock. You total winner.

It can be had on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and it’s only £27.97. See – you get a little car too! And some maps! Oooh, we’re SO jealous!

1045731_1Finally, we gave you the chance to become a season ticket holder at Newcastle United for next to nothing earlier in the week – now you can invest on the cheap even further and maybe help the club buy some players.

There’s a whole host of clearance items available at Sports Direct, as owned by Newcastle chief Mike Ashley, with free delivery and 10% off also up for grabs. Next week, we might be able to tell you how you can actually play for the club as well.

(deals found by HUKD members SUNRAINSNOW, goonertillidie, TanyaSpace and taswir1)

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