HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 31st October

31 October 2011

new hukd logo Hey – let’s get drunk, drive pretend cars around and, erm, hire DVDs and Blu-rays via the postal system. Yeah – sounds AMAZING doesn’t it?

You can do that here – and you can probably do EVEN MORE if you head over to HotUKDeals

1048737_1Ever fancied being a Formula One racing driver, but feel a bit nervous about all the attention you’d get? Not to mention all the money, glory and free crisps? Yes, it’s the one thng that’s putting us off jacking this website in and taking to the racetracks of the world.

Well, now you and us can all pretend to be top motor racing drivers, while sitting around in a stinking pair of old jeggings and drinking Um Bongo out of an old petrol can. That’s because Formula One 2011 for the Xbox360 and PS3 is only £18.85.

1048194_1Next, here’s another one for all of you who enjoy being entertained without having to clamber out of those stained, stinking jeggings. It’s for Lovefilm, the popular movie hire company who will send you your films through the post (you can go out at the dead of night in order to bung them in a postbox when it comes to sending them back).

A keen-eyed HotUKDeals member has hit upon a way that will allow you to upgrade your account and get more for your money than you do at present. Which sounds almost as amazing as the original version of The Cannonball Run, which we’re currently enjoying thanks to LoveFilm’s astonishing range.

1048535_1Finally, it’s the alcoholic drink of choice for us, your boozed-up, bewildered Bitterwallet staff – the brew that helps keep our stories hitting the same high quality that has amazed and bemused you all for over a quarter of a decade.

Yes, it’s Bailey’s. You can get one litre bottles of this beautiful gloopy booze in original, hazelnut and biscotti flavours from Wednesday for only £9.89. You can send us bottles as Christmas presents at the usual address. Cheers.

(deals found by HUKD members Spies, mysmith and JayGo)

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