HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 4th February

hukd_logob1Say goodbye to the stresses and strains of the week with one last stress and strain – the stress and strain of trying to figure out our cunning True Or False Friday puzzles. Gawp at the bargains and then mash your mind as you try to figure out if the accompanying statements are real or just shite.

The bargains, along with so many more just like them, can be located at HotUKDeals. Oh, and last week’s statements were all FALSE.

868238_1THE DEAL: A 330ml can of Jack Daniels and Coke for only £1.00.

TRUE OR FALSE? Jack Daniels originally made oil for lubricating train sets until one day, someone accidentally poured some meths into the oil-brewing vat. They never looked back…

868159_1THE DEAL: A 42-inch full HD TV for only £299.99 delivered.

TRUE OR FALSE? Following HD and 3D, the next development in televisual technology is believed to be DDD – where every human you see on your screen will appear as though played by leathery antique vulture David Dickinson.

867750_1THE DEAL: Family Guy – series 1-8 on DVD for only £37.99 delivered.

TRUE OR FALSE? The makers of Family Guy were sued by a talking dog from Iowa who claimed they had based the talking dog character of Brian on him. The case collapsed when the talking dog turned up at court without a pen.

(deals found by HUKD members barky, shahg and Bookie)

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