HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 21st January

hukd_logob1Stop what you’re doing. Except you over there. You keep going. It’s like hula hooping but without the hula hoop. Endearing and strangely arousing. Right, the rest of you – it’s time for True Or False Friday. Feast your eyes on the deals and dwell on the statements that we’ve carefully linked to them.

More of the bargains came from HotUKDeals and the True Or False conundrums came from our brains. Last time out, they were all FALSE. Hard to believe innit?

broken_heart-1501THE DEAL: Half price on personalised Valentine’s Day cards, starting from as little as 89p each.

TRUE OR FALSE? Valentine’s Day was founded in 1831, by Sir Malcolm Valentine, to commemorate the fact that he had successfully carried out a sexual act with a lit firework. Over the decades, the meaning of the day gradually changed.

857794_1THE DEAL: A 50 inch full HD (1920x1080) LG plasma TV with 20 watt built-in speakers. Only £555.00 delivered.

TRUE OR FALSE? The least popular TV show in the history of the world is ‘Canada’s Most Lesbianest’. It is a show broadcast in Estonia that contains neither Canadians nor lesbians and has never been viewed by anybody.

coach+Nat+ExpTHE DEAL: Coach fares for all around the UK – only £1.00.

TRUE OR FALSE? Check the smallprint regarding route information. 85% of these journeys terminate in a secluded piece of woodland and passengers are hit across the back of the head with a pick axe handle by the driver upon alighting.

(deals found by HUKD members siddiqullah, DownHill911 and sammy321)


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